TODAY IS NATIONAL DENIM DAY! What is denim day you might ask. Earlier this month I discussed about a topic that many of you might remember reading. National Denim Day is a event were many people wear denim jeans to raise awareness about rape and sexual assault. Well how did denim day come about? Here’s the story.

According to research this took place in Italy. An 18 year old girl was picked up by an old driving instructor (in a lot of articles they claim he was 45 and married) for her first driving lesson! Exciting right! Until, they came upon an isolated road where the instructor wrestled her out of the car and began to sexually assault her. He committed rape. After he did what he did, he threatened her. He told her if she tells anyone, he will kill her. Later that evening she told her parents and they reported it, pressed charges and the instructor was arrested and sentenced to jail. The instructor appealed and it made it to Italian Supreme Court. Within days the case against the perpetrator (the instructor) was overturned, dismissed and he was released. Reason being was the Chief Judge argued that “because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it was no longer rape but consensual sex.” Enraged by the verdict, within matters of hours the women in the Italian Parliament took action immediately and wore jeans to work to make a statement about this case. It motivated and encouraged the California Senate and Assembly to do the same. This is how National Denim Day came about. There is a nonprofit organization “Peace Over Violence” that supports denim day and helps bring awareness about sexual assault.

When we wear jeans on April 29th, we are wearing jeans for a purpose. We support the survivors and we educate ourselves along with others about sexual assault. By bringing awareness to this matter, we can help make a change in someone’s life. Like I mentioned before, if you know someone that is being sexually assault or has been sexually assault, listen. Listen carefully and see what you can do to help. Call 911 or call and look up They are an organization that works with those that are or have been sexually assaulted. Remember one phone call can change a life. Let’s spread awareness about sexual assault by wearing denim jeans today!

Hotlines: (800)656-4673


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