*Something short and sweet for you to read.

I hope everyone enjoyed this cold winter season, snuggling up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or tea sitting by the fireplace. That’s how I envision a winter. Unfortunately, this cozy season is coming to an end. I’m usually an autumn person, but spring is around the corner and I’m super excited for the season to arrive.

For me, Spring will be a little different this time around. I will be able to be at peace! I will enjoy this spring season the way I would like. I won’t have to constantly stress out about my environment or worry about finding a day where I can do what I like and just relax. Now, I will be able to do that. I want to wear cute spring dresses, go and explore places where the beautiful plants are blooming, make lavender lemonade, bake desserts, enjoy the warm weather, and afford to buy fresh flowers every other week to make the place smell fresh and sweet. I want to make it feel like its spring around me. Maybe decorate where I live with spring decor to add joy and happiness.

With all the craziness that happened last year, I’ve learned so much about my mental health. That’s what I would like to focus on this year. All the trauma I endured and been through had me develop habits and coping skills that weren’t necessarily healthy and that I no longer need at this point in my life. That will be the self-love I will give to me. I want to be at peace in all aspect of my life. One of the things I struggle with is, allowing myself to enjoy the moment and have fun, and that’s what I’m doing this spring.

If you have any suggestions on places to enjoy this spring, please leave them in the comments below. Also! On March 20, I will have something special for you all I would like to share! Make sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out for the re-opening of the Otay Shop!


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