Have you ever wanted to be a morning person? Ever wanted to wake up early, enjoy a morning run or a warm cup of coffee or tea in the fresh morning breeze while you sit outside and watch the sunrise? Yeah me too! I’ve always wanted to be a morning person since I was like 15, I’m 24 now and that still hasn’t changed. In the mornings I always want to sit on my balcony and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with my cat and watch the sunrise but instead I felt rushed and that’s because I don’t wake up on time. I hate it. But that has changed recently, I do my best to follow a morning routine that I created that I haven’t quite achieved yet. I call it the temporary routine. As I get older, I know my routine will change. Today I want to share with you my ideal morning. No, this is not how my mornings go as of now because I work 2 jobs, 6 days a week but I would like to get it to this point someday. So here we go!

Ideal Week Day Morning Routine:

5AM: This is where successful people and millionaires start their day. I want to do the same. At 5AM my alarm rings. I’m up and saying “nooo it’s 5 already?!” Who’s with me? In reality who likes the first few moments of waking up? I know I don’t. I spend a couple of minutes with my cat (if she’s on my bed), then get out of bed, washing my face with cold water, and fixing my bed to start off my day. I also get ready to hit the gym or at least go for a morning run outdoors. I will do all this while listening to uplifting music or my favorite podcasts.

5:30AM: I will prepare my protein smoothie (not shake, smoothie. Occasionally shakes but mainly smoothies) and pop that baby into the refrigerator to be cold once I get back from the gym or run. I’ll take my vitamins and feed my precious kitty her favorite dry food that she loves and then I’m out the door.

6:30AM: I’m back from my morning workout. I relax for a few minutes and head to the kitchen to make fresh cup of coffee. While my coffee brews I start preparing my breakfast and drink my protein smoothie that I made earlier this morning. For breakfast I like to enjoy toast with avocado, a bowl of warm oatmeal with some oat milk (funny right?) or some vegan pancakes or waffles with some fruit on the side! Once my breakfast is prepared I will eat either on the kitchen table or decide to go outside and enjoy the breeze and admire the beautiful view from my balcony while I eat my breakfast. Would you like to joying? I got extra pancakes waiting for ya!

7:10AM: After I’m done with breakfast and cleaned my mess, I’m off to the shower. I’m big on keeping my face feeling clean and fresh. So after the shower I start my skin care routine, fix my hair and make up.

8AM: With conference call, research to do, emails to answer, and blogs to post, here is where I dress to impress. You know what they say, if you look good, you feel good or first impression is the last impression, you get the drift. I’m not a fashionista but I get a lot of cute outfit ideas from Pinterest or Instagram.

9-9:10AM: After I’m done making myself look beautiful, I jump onto social media and see what you wonderful people are doing this morning, get inspired and maybe post a cute selfie.

9:30AM: Now I’m off to the office to check my work planner to see what fun things my day consist of and prepare myself to work behind the scenes of “Everything’s Otay!” And future goals, Then I’m out the door for meetings or to run important errands or I will just work from the office.

That concludes my weekday routine! Again, this is not how my mornings go at the moment but one day I hope it will. I also have an ideal weekend morning routine. I currently work 6 days a week and I’ve been working 6 days for about 2-3 years and I definitely don’t see that changing for me but for my weekend I would like to choose one weekend to work. Either half a day or full day (depending on how demanding my schedule is that weekend) and the other day I have completely off to spend with my family, friends or have a complete day to myself and just relax.

So that’s my ideal morning routine that I hope to implement in my life someday. If you would like to know about any of my other current or ideal routines please leave me a comments below and if you have an ideal morning routine or would like to share your current morning routine please share that as well! I would love to hear them! Give me some ideas and inspiration 😊. Thank you all for reading, and remember Everything’s Otay 👌!

Brookie says hello and good morning ☀️!

6 responses to “My Ideal Morning”

  1. Libby Loo Avatar
    Libby Loo

    Hi, I’m Liberty and it’s funny how I am reading your post right after I just finished my morning routine. And it’s actually very similar to your ideal routine. (Although, sadly I don’t have a cute cat by my side. 😦 ) So anyway, good luck with achieving your routine goal.

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    1. Alondra S Ramirez Avatar

      Hi Liberty, thank you! I’m still struggling with waking up early. Brookie (my cat) is a joy to be around in the morning. I love dressing her up. If you would like, give me a little run down of your morning routine and if you have any tips and tricks of what wakes you up or keeps you going in the morning. I would love to know :). I’m currently still struggling with waking up at 5AM. That’s the challenging part for me.

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      1. Libby Loo Avatar
        Libby Loo

        Okay, Well …
        I get up and wake myself up by cleaning a little.
        I clear my system by drinking a tall glass of water.
        After washing up and gathering my things, I workout.
        This is my favorite thing to do in the mornings because it really wakes me up and gets my body in a focused work mode. It also motivates me to get through my day and just makes it so much better.
        I take a shower, then clean my room.
        I make breakfast and rest for a little.
        I get started on school then do that till 3 O’clock

        Hope this was helpful!

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      2. Alondra S Ramirez Avatar

        Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Stine Writing Avatar

    She is super cute!

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