Southern California. The place with the perfect weather and endless amounts of sunny days. Unfortunately, those days will be interrupted by grey clouds and rain accompanied by a cool breeze. These days won’t last long, so if you like to snuggle up in warm clothes and a huge blanket, these upcoming days are for you! I know I’m taking advantage of this sweater weather.

When the rain starts to pour here in Southern California, I can’t wait till my work day ends. I dread driving home due to the heavy traffic on the road and how it feels so much longer to get home, but once I see that front door, the excitement begins. I can’t wait to open the door to see my favorite person in the world and be embraced in their arms. I’ll also get a warm welcome from my tiny fur baby Brookie.

To start the cozy evening, I’ll open up the blinds and take a moment to admire the soothing rain we rarely get here in Los Angeles. I’ll warm a cup of my favorite tea or make us some Abuelita’s hot chocolate (the best), and I’ll change into comfy pajamas. We’ll see what we want for dinner; we’ll probably have a filling dish like lasagna, maybe something with more liquid like soup, or we could get lucky and find a delicious ramen spot and order from there. Once that’s figured out, I’ll pour us a glass of wine, and we’ll catch up on each other’s day.

Tip: [ Take the time to include your partner in your life. Listen carefully, talk to each other, and ask questions. Show your partner you care. Make them feel important. It will draw you both closer together. ]

Finally, we’ll hear a knock at the door. The food is here! I’ll feed Brookie her favorite food, we’ll make room on the coffee table to set our food, and we’ll get the blanket ready to snuggle up and end the night with a movie or show.

That will be a perfect rainy evening for me. Relaxing is a difficult thing for me to do, but my favorite person has shown me that there’s a time to relax and a time for work (I have also learned that in the Bible). If you’re like me, always thinking, working, and feeling like there’s not enough time. Stop, breathe, and remember everything’s otay. It’s okay to take a break and make time for yourself and the ones you love.

Photographer: @asramirez95

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