We all have those group of people we call friends or family. We keep in touch with them regularly and we make ourselves available to spend time with them. But take a look at your group of friends. Do your friends range in different age groups or do you tend to stick those within your age range? For me, my group of friends are much older than I am. I want to share how making friends out of your age range can become a long-lasting friendship.

I tend to connect with those much older than me. The majority of my friends are in their late 20’s to early to ’40s. I only have a small group of friends within my age range. Even though I value all my friendships, spending time with older ones bring me joy. Why? Well here are 3 reasons why I build friendships with those out of your age range.

You Learn From Their Experience:
As we get older, we learn from our own experience (sometimes.) Those that are older than us have a already gone through what we are going through. They can share their experiences with us and how they overcame it. We can learn from their mistakes and their success. While things constantly change, somethings remain the same.

They Aren’t Here To Compete:
While we’re still trying to figure our lives and see what we want to do, those older might have already been in the field you’re trying to enter. That family you want, they already have their own. That house you want to purchase, they probably own 2. They’re not here to compete. They’ve already gone through it and are ready to help those trying to reach their goals.

We Can Be An Encouragement to Them:
Not only are they an encouragement to us but we can be an encouragement to them. We get to let them know what’s in nowadays and they get to share what was popular back then. We get to share different genres of music and create a strong bond that will last a lifetime and they get to see us fulfill our dreams and we get to say they were part of it.

If you have friends out of your age group let me know what you have learned from them and how building a long-lasting friendship has benefited you and them. Thank you for reading!

Everything’s Otay!

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