It’s official, there are falling leaves! As I took my walk yesterday I stumbled upon a pathway covered with leaves. I immediately felt at ease. Lately, I’ve gone through somethings and it’s has been lingering in my mind but I will be okay. Just seeing these beautiful leaves hit the ground and falling from the tree brought me joy.

Here in LA, we don’t get to see the beautiful colored leaves fall from trees on every street and unfortunately don’t get to feel that cool breeze during the autumn season. I’m hoping soon I get to travel up North to experience a true autumn season where you see all the trees change colors, feel the autumn breeze, and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I think autumn will always bring me peace, joy and will be the season I look forward to every year.

What season do you look forward to each year? And where you located, have you experienced the falling leaves and the autumn breeze? Share in the comment section below. I would love to know.

If you like fall just as much as I do, I created a fall-themed journal! The collection is called “My Fall Collection Handmade Journals.” You read that right! Each journal is handmade by me and you have different laminated covers to choose from on my page “Otay, Let’s Shop.” Each journal contains 100 sheets (200 pages) and each journal contains as white or cream-colored pages! A journal you would want to show off this Autumn season. Place your order now! Limited time only!

Everything’s Otay!

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