I usually don’t post on Saturdays but June 20, 2020 was the first day of SUMMER! But just the last couple of weeks the heat has really been kickin’ in (maybe it’s just me). I’m a little late but if you live in California, you know summer is never ending! When you think of summer what comes to mind? The beach, beautiful sunset, the huge ocean waves, seashells, summer parties? Today I want to share with you what my ideal summer for 2020 was. Here we go:

1.) The Beach: Just recently the beaches have closed. But one of the things I wanted to do was plan beach days with my family and friends. I don’t go often but when we do it’s always a great time. We would have a couple drinks, have vegan food (also accommodate for those that are non vegan) and just relax. I want to create memories and laugh it up till the evening. That’s ideal, and I cherish those moment dearly and the people that are in my life. I’m not good at showing it but just know, I care.

2.) Learn to Dance: If you know me, I LOVE to dance! But there’s NO WAY I’m good at it! Trust me, I’ve seen it. Don’t convince me. I literally dance anywhere where people can’t see me. I dance in the kitchen, the shower, the living room, the bathroom, my bedroom, in front of my mirror, and my favorite place, MY CAR! I would of loved to continue taking dance classes to improve on my skills so I could show the world I can dance but for now I’ll keep cheering myself on while I sit in the driver seat.

3.) Traveling: One thing I’ve always wanted to do was travel to new places and meet new people. The only places I ever been to out of California is Nevada, Las Vegas. I went with my cousin and Tia and I had a WONDERFUL time! I even had a chance to see my mom and tia’s favorite band Def Leppard (yes, I listen to 80s rock and I’m 24). I also traveled to San Diego with a couple of friends of mine and that was also fun. Except the part where they were throwing dead baby lobsters at me but I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve always wanted to explore the world and that’s something I still plan on doing today. Caribbean here I come!

4.) Trying New Vegan Restaurants: I absolutely love to eat. If I could, I would eat all day. I reside in LA and I want to try new vegan restaurants in the area. I usually just stick to the ones close to home but I want to branch out to other locations. When my family and I go out and find a good vegan spot, I always think of how I can make the dish at home. Do I end up making it? Nooo, but that’s a goal I would like to accomplish!

5.) Summer Party for Brookie: For those of you that don’t know Brookie, I suggest to read the article that’s all about her. June 22 marked 1 year since I adopted her and I’m so happy to be her mama. As a gift for her, I got her a watermelon name tag (it’s in the shape of a dog bone but I don’t care. She acts more like a dog then anything) and I also got her a new strawberry toy that apparently helps with their teeth. I love that little munchkin! She’s such a brat but a loyal brat.

6.) Filling My Bookshelf: I want to read more and fill up my bookshelf. I love to read (when I have the time). I just finished reading a book I couldn’t put down and now I’m on to the next. The book was absolutely captivating! It helped me learn what happens behind prison walls. (I will be writing an article about the book later down the road). It is a must read. If you read my pervious article “Expanding My Knowledge”, in the month of June I purchased a total of 7 books. Yes 7 books! You heard that right and I plan on reading each and everyone of them. I also bought another one this month which totals out to 8 books. I got one down and 7 more to go. I plan on purchasing more in August or September but I still go bills to pay. You know how that goes. Reading is my favorite thing to do. Just receiving a physical copy of a new book is one of the best feelings (along with coffee and my afternoon drink Matcha Green Tea).

5.) BLOG MORE!: Last thing and most importantly is blogging more often. I extremely enjoy blog and if I don’t blog I feel like I am losing my mind (definitely how I felt these past few weeks I was unable to blog). Blogging is a way I get to share my thoughts and feelings with you all and what brings me the biggest joy is hearing from you guys. I love when I get to read your life stories and experiences. Sometimes you guys give the best advice and bring me inspiration and I hope to do the same for you. Side note: I’m excited to share that I have an upcoming project I’m working on. Something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. That’s another reason why it’s been challenging to post but I’m doing my best I can to at least post once a month. If you want an inside scoop about the project stay tuned on my Instagram!

Since Covid cases are increasing and places are starting to shut down again, unfortunately many of us won’t be able to do what we had planned for this summer but we can still make this summer enjoyable in many ways. We can FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype with those we hold close to us. We can play games, have a nice dinner, watch a movie/show via video chat. Even though we are apart this pandemic shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our summer and being with our loved ones. This also gives us an opportunity to give back and help those in need. Let’s hope by 2021, all this chaos calms down and we are able to physically reunite with the ones we love dearly. If you had any ideal plans for this summer please share in the comment section. Let’s bounce ideas off each other and let’s plan for Summer 2021.

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