Comedy. One of my favorite movie genres. Also, one of my favorite shows to attend. We all need a little laughter in our lives. Especially during these hard times. It helps many people forget about their stresses and worries. That’s why a lot of people watch or attend comedy shows. But one of the things I love doing the most is making people laugh (and you can’t forget blogging!) I love seeing their red faces, them falling to the floor with tears rolling down their face. From laughter of course. At that moment I feel accomplished. It brings me joy to see them laugh or smile.

A few years ago I wanted to be a comedian. Can you believe that! Me, a comedian! Now that’s funny. I still want too but, I came to a realization that I’m not good at stand up and I’m not as funny as I use to be. According to a couple of friends of mine, I used to make them laugh all the time. I guess it’s just a part of growing up right? Last year I did my very first open mic night for stand up. I thank a good friend of mine Londo (he is also a comedian himself, go check him out y’all! He currently does stand-up. Also keep a look out for him on Tinder or Bumble! He’s single ladies). Londo taught me a lot about comedy along with one of the best coworkers’ I use to work with at my pervious job. We would laugh and joke all the time that it got to the point where we “had” to be separated and I was left alone in the front office while they moved him to the back. It felt like we were in high school again! Anyway, back to the story. So the first I did stand up, let’s say it didn’t go to well. I was terrified… and buzzed. I had a little too much to drink and when it was my turn to take the spot light my heart was racing a million miles per hour, I didn’t know what I was doing and I complete lost all my jokes I was going to say that night. I didn’t want to fail Londo or my coworker because I looked up to both of them when it came to comedy. But I went up anyway and I blew it. I did not know how to end my jokes and my dumb self took my book up there (I still have my Joke Book til this day). I remember being up there flipping through pages seeing what joke I want to tell and when I came across one and gained confidence, I looked back at the crowd and all that went away and there was one point I thought I was going to pee myself because I was so nervous and I thought I DID until I realized it was my mic cord rubbing up against my leg. Thank goodness! I don’t do stand up anymore because I’m not confident but still need a LOT of practice but I do wish to continue one day and get better at it. If I start doing skits on Instragram, YouTube or TikTok will you guys watch? Comment below and let me know and share some ideas. Comedy is still something I want to do (low key still have a passion about it) and I don’t think that will ever change… I hope. But maybe skits are more of my thing? Like Key and Peele (this use to be my favorite show when it aired on ComedyCentral).

I will continue to do my best to make people laugh because that’s what I do best (just kidding, I use to) and maybe dip my foot into comedy again. I’m not sure yet, we will see when you see me on TV. I’m just kidding… or not. If you have any career paths you once considered or something you enjoy doing and are passionate about making it your career, leave it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. Thank you all for reading! And remember, Everything’s Otay! 👌. Let’s all have a little laughter in life.

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