The workday is over, he’s mentally and physically exhausted. It’s time to take that short drive home. It is dark out, and while he drives, he decides to play his favorite 80’s music. He reaches his destination and the gate opens. He drives into the parking structure and pulls into his parking spot. He takes the elevator up to the first floor and walks to the mailboxes to receive his mail. He starts walking towards his apartment, unit 107. As he’s walking in, it’s quiet, filled with emptiness. He hangs his blazer on a chair and places his keys and watch on the glass table. He shuffles through the mail and comes across a letter, joy immediately fills his body. He’s smiling ear to ear. He opens and begins to read.


Hey, Dad!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen you! I know the last time we saw you we spent every minute we could with you because we knew it would be a long while until we can see you again. I know you worry about us, but we’re doing okay.

Your mini princess graduated high school last summer! She will officially be a college student this upcoming spring. Your youngest son got his first job! He will be studying real estate soon. I started a blog and have a small online shop selling journals gearing towards mental health. And check it out, you know how you wanted to get into real estate with your oldest son? Well, on November 16, 2020, he officially became a licensed realtor! I know you would have been SO proud of him and would have loved to be here to celebrate with us.

Even though we are making accomplishments in life, it not the same. I will admit, life has been rough without you, but the 4 of us are managing to the best of our ability. I know I have much more I want to share with you, but I want to take the time to say thank you for everything you did for us. Thank you for the memories you gave us. I know we were a handful, but you did your best to keep it together. I want to thank you for everything you taught us. I will never forget those times you shared your childhood stories, how you always reminded us to show love even through the bad, and for being an example of how to help others. More than anything, we wish we can pick up the phone, dial your number and give you a call, and hear your voice. I think about when whenever you had a serious face, one of us somehow made you smirk and brought some joy out of you. I think about when you and the boys would talk about football, and I would chime in occasionally. I think about when we would go out to dinner with you and laugh, or have conversations about God, etc. I miss the little things we did together. I know this wasn’t said much in the house, but we love you, and how we wish we gave you one last hug before you left. You taught me how valuable time is. I do my best to remind myself time is valuable. You never know when it will be the last time you get to see a loved one. I’m trying to spend as much time with my 3 siblings because there will be a time where we will achieve our goals, live our lives, and eventually go our separate ways. We are getting older. But we know, no matter what, we have each other through thick and thin. We became a tight unit and, you instilled that in our hearts. It’s been 3 years since you been gone, although it never gets easy, one day these memories we had together will fill the room with smiles and laughter. We love you dad, and we can wait until we see you again.

We love you, we miss you, and, until we meet again,
Love your children ❤️

March 23, 1966 – January 25, 2018

2 responses to “A Letter to You”

  1. "BigSis"💕 Avatar

    Such a beautiful way to keep your memories alive!💕🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alondra S Ramirez Avatar

      Sometime all you have is memories. You gotta hang on to them tight


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