For those of you that personally know me, know I was raised by a single father. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy raising 4 children alone. I’ve seen my dad going through quite a bit while growing up. Here are a few things I saw my hard-working dad go through.


Growing up we didn’t have a babysitter to watch us. We watch ourselves! We had pros and cons with that but I didn’t know it was illegal back then. I just remember being told “don’t open the door to strangers” or the social workers. Finding, hiring, and paying a babysitter 5 days a week is a financial burden for many single parents. Also, when it was that time of year where every kid attending school was at Target or Walmart for school supplies and new clothing, my single dad didn’t only have to supply for 1 child, he supplied 4.


When we were younger, it was difficult for my dad to get back out there and date. He had to provide for and raise 4 children. We were also very critical of whom my dad liked. Yes, we were very protective of my dad. Also, going back to the babysitter situation, it was difficult for my dad to find a sitter on the nights he would’ve liked to gone out.

Maintaining and Building Friendships:

My poor dad had a hard time maintaining friendships and creating new ones. He hardly had time to create new friendships because he was so occupied with raising us. Again, going back to hiring a babysitter, it was also hard for him to go out and spend time with long-time friends. He struggled to maintain friendships because his young ones wanted all his attention.

Raising 4 on His Own:

As one of the kids my dad had to raise, we weren’t easy. This man raised 2 girls on his own. I know he had a tough time guiding us. My dad dealt with mood swings, rebelliousness, emotions, and imagine the teenage phases he dealt with on a daily?
He also had to deal with constant fighting of us 4. Not only did we yell at one another, but we also got physical. Another thing is that man could never eat in peace. When we were younger he had 4 kids asking for a bite of his food, yes, we had our plates but whatever was on his looked more appetizing to us. My dad dealt with a lot.

These are just a few of the struggles my dad went through being a single father. Having to raise 4 kids on his own takes a lot of effort and energy. Unfortunately, he fell into depression later on as we got older. I remember how he looked during those depressing times of his life. It hurt to see my dad in that condition.

For those of you being raised by a single parent or was raised by a single parent, take the time to thank them for all they have done. It wasn’t easy for them but they gave you they’re all to raise you into the incredible human being that you are today. When you have the chance, give them a big warm hug, a video call instead of a phone call, or a kind gesture to thank them for the unconditional love they gave you. Make sure you take the time to give that back. They will deeply appreciate it. You will bring a smile to their face.

If you were raised by a single parent or if you are a single parent, share in the comments below. Share if you can relate to any of the things mentioned above or if you saw any of these struggles in your parents and remember, Everything’s Otay!👌

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Everything’s Otay!

2 responses to “Raised by a Single Father: His Struggles”

  1. Vee Avatar

    The dating part was soo relatable! I used to sabotage my moms dates lol she wouldn’t date really but she had this “friend” for years and I think I left them alone maybe 3-5 times throughout the years. As I got older I realized that I held on to my mom so closely because I was scared she’d leave when we was all I had. Definitely a different reality growing up with only one parent really in the picture but like you said, all their sacrifices and effort led us to being the people that we are. Even if we aren’t all 100, it takes a lot of maturity and grace to look back and realize/accept that they did the best they could. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Alondra S Ramirez Avatar

      Thank you for sharing that! Dating must be difficult for single parents especially if they are all we have. As kid, we see all the struggles are parents go through. Like you mentioned, it takes maturity and grace and be thankful for all they’ve done for us. Thank you again for sharing a little bit of you with us!


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