My current wish right now is to make more sales on My Fall Collection Handmade Journals. I love them and I wanted to welcome the fall season with a fall-themed journal. 2 things I love, the fall season and journaling. I love writing and I jot all my ideas down in my journal daily. I want you all to enjoy and celebrate the fall season with me!

My Fall Collection Handmade Journals contain 100 sheets (200 pages). This is perfect for any college student or someone like me that likes to journal or write down their notes for blogging or other studies. This journal helps me stay organized throughout the week as well. I write down my todos for the week and transfer it over to the planner I’m currently using (I’ve been using The Happy Planner for YEARS and it always does the job. A few years back I found the Erin Condren planner and just last week I order my first planner from them and can’t wait to use it!)

My Fall Collection Handmade Journal and my planner are the 2 essential things that help keep me organized throughout the days, weeks, and months. I don’t think I can live without them.

So tell me, what’s your current wish?

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