Lazy days are pretty nonexistent in my life. There’s always something to do. It’s rare to have a day where I do absolutely nothing (when I do, you will catch me scrolling through my social media or listening to my true-crime podcast/YouTube videos.) Sundays are my only days off. And those are the days I look forward to relaxing.

I usually start my Sunday with the meeting. After, if my car needs a wash, I’ll take it to the car wash. After that, I will plan a day to hang out with friends, hang out with my cat, spend time with my family, or scroll through social media and get ready for the next day. The majority of the time, I just use my day off to catch up with everything I’m behind on.

My lazy days are pretty simple. What are a couple of things you do on your lazy days or day off? Share in the comment section below!

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