Sweet treats have always been my weakness. My favorite dessert was cheesecake or pan dulce. I would also look forward to having a slice of cheesecake or eating a concha (I started drinking coffee at the age of 10 so that was a preferred drink with my desserts). Oh! I can’t forget about flan!

Ever since I became vegan it’s been difficult to find a good dessert that doesn’t taste so dry or hard to chew. Luckily, I came across Whole Foods Market! Thanks to my cousins introducing me, I shop there all the time for my desserts (now they have my favorite alcohol On The Rocks. It’s a cocktail that’s in a bottle that you pour on ice. So easy and no mess. My favorite one is Old Fashion. I’m yet to try other flavors.)

When I go Whole Foods Market my go-to desserts have been the vegan donuts and chocolate chip cookies. I can’t get enough of them! Unfortunately, they don’t have a large variety but it still worth going to see what new desserts they have in store. Especially that Autumn season! Seasonal desserts are what I’m waiting for! In search for a vegan pumpkin pie.

I’m still yet to find vegan pan dulce but I have found vegan cheesecake by Daiya. My favorite flavor is key lime. I definitely recommend if you’re a cheesecake lover like myself.

If you know any places that have vegan desserts let me know in the comment section below and share if you’re vegan yourself. Share your favorite desserts and where you shop for them. I would love to hear from you!

Everything’s Otay!

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