HT: January 29, 2020. Do You Remember?

In early January of 2020 the topic I chose to start off the year was Human Trafficking. I took a pause to write about an event that happened in my life and now I’m back to discuss this important subject. In my pervious articles on this topic I discussed that Human Trafficking comes in various forms and it doesn’t only take place in foreign country. … Continue reading HT: January 29, 2020. Do You Remember?

HT: The Different Forms

Hello everyone and welcome back! As we continue to discuss about HT, today we will be focusing on the different forms. To know what HT is, click on my previous article and take a read. No time to waste time, let’s get straight to the topic. There are many forms of HT but today we will be discussing about the most common ones. According to … Continue reading HT: The Different Forms