Segment: Just Venting

There’s just times where we all need to vent. Right?! Here is where I will share what I’m currently feeling or going through. For all of you reading, thank you for listening. And feel free to share your experiences, feelings or your day with me :).

Lately I’ve been feeling like a weight has been put on my shoulder. From work to my own household. I feel like I need to step it up as a employee, sister, blogger and friend. I came to a realization that when things go wrong, I have a tendency of dealing with the situation on my own. I feel like the littlest thing that I turn into something huge isn’t worth talking about so I keep it to myself. There’s time I felt I couldn’t turn to anyone because I feel like they won’t want to listen to what I’m going through because I’m being negative or because it’s not that big of a deal so again, I keep it to myself. If y’all read my pervious articles “Just Venting” I talk about my crush in there (yes I’m still crushing on him) but I think I came to a realization why I get nervous around him and do my very best to avoid him. The qualities that he has (at least that I know about) might be what I’m looking for in a guy and he is someone I aspire to be. I barely know him (Yes, I might sound crazy. Do I want to know him? OF COURSE! Will I ever get to know him? Probably not. Why? Many reasons why that I won’t talk about) but he’s super patient, super kind and VERY attractive. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taken. I can rant on about this guy but I won’t. Anyway, I am going to do my best to get back to blogging once a week, minimum once a month because I truly enjoy blogging and even if time is limited for me right now I would love to get started on the projects I have for this website. Hope you all stick around for what’s to come. It might not be as soon as I want it to be but it will be accomplished.