Check Them Out!

Here are links to upcoming, small, or big businesses that provide services, resources, shops, organizations, and more! In just a click of a button you’re there! You can click on the images or link below to go straight to their source. Check them out and see what they’re all about!

Ella Mineaux

From Home Decor, Posters, Journals and more! I absolutely love the design! I was recently gifted with the a journal that I just can wait to use and jot down my ideas. Check them out on Instagram @ellamineaux . and get your items today! Click the image below to go straight to the shop.


Own Your Stigma

“Coffee, cats & mental health” as a mental health advocate and mental this my all time favorite shirt! If your just as passionate as I am about bringing awareness to mental go to or click on the picture below and at check out use my promo code “endthestigma/EO!15%OFF” make sure to hashtag #everythingsotay or tag me in it so I can see y’alls fabulous faces and let’s bring awareness to Mental Health!

Via Instagram: @everythingsotayblog

FNX Fitness

I’m so happy I’m saving the animals and helping the planet. As my transition to Veganism I saw some benefits and one of the benefit was I LOST WEIGHT! I haven’t been happier since and weight lose journey continues! As a vegan it’s essential to have your recommended amount of protein intake per day. I found one of my top favorite proteins FNX Vegan Protein and I haven’t used another protein since. I am a big fan of protein smoothies, I make my smoothie in the morning, one scoop in the blender and that’s all you need. It’s perfect! It helps sustain me throughout the day! If your not a smoothie drinker like I am, it taste just as good on its own. I use the Vegan Vanilla and soon to try Vegan Chocolate! For everyone out there, (vegan or not) check out there website for supplements, apparel, protien and more! Go to or click the picture below and at check out use the promo code “FNXG62C” to get 15% off your purchase! Drink up, stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy & GO VEGAN🌱!

Via Instagram: @everythingsotayblog