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Here are links to upcoming, small, or big businesses that provide services, resources, shops, organizations, and more! In just a click of a button you’re there! You can click on the images or link below to go straight to their source. Check them out and see what they’re all about!

Looking for a comedy show this weekend to make you laugh your behind off? Well you came to the right location. Comed take a seat & enjoy the show at the Ha Ha Comedy Club this Sunday October 2nd at 9pm

Ha Ha Comedy Club – North Hollywood, CA

Ella Mineaux

From Home Decor, Posters, Journals and more! I absolutely love the design! I was recently gifted with the a journal that I just can wait to use and jot down my ideas. Check them out on Instagram @ellamineaux . and get your items today! Click the image below to go straight to the shop.


RK’s Jewelry

You want beautiful beaded jewelry? Check out these out! There so many different piece of jewelry. From nature collection to honey collection! If you reside in The Valley check out the little shop Natural Break Juice located on Magnolia Blvd and Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks. If your not local, reach her through email rk’

She’s also an artist so check out her music in on SoundCloud

Gathright Music

Have you ever wanted to learn to play piano or get the insight scoops of producing music? Well today is your day. I have a incredibly talented friend that has a website that offers just that. Check him out! He’s extremely talented and produces music for his church! You can schedule online classes with him and purchase his merch! He has water bottles to phone cases and much more. Click the link below (or the name above) to be directed to his site and check out his amazing talent and book your appointment from a fantastic teacher and don’t for get to purchase your merch! Make sure to share and take him on social media!

YouTube: “My Truth Today

“My Truth Today” is a YouTube that I’m featured on hosted by an incredibly smart and amazing friend of mine. She was a former business owner and has traveled around the world to beautiful countries and states and learned so much while there. We talk about our “truth” & what we’ve been going through at that moment in our life and hoping you all can relate and tell us your stories in the comments below. At the end of each episode, we end it with some positivity, motivation and some suggestions on how to make your day a little better. Check out “My Truth Today” on YouTube. Make sure you like, share, and comment!

Own Your Stigma

“Coffee, cats & mental health” as a mental health advocate and mental this my all time favorite shirt! If your just as passionate as I am about bringing awareness to mental go to! They have variety of merchandise to choose from!

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