1 Year of going Plant-Base!

I have an exciting but short announcement to make. Aside from the important subject that we will discuss the next couple of months, January 15, 2020 marks my 1 Year of being Vegan! One of the best decisions I ever made! I’ve have never felt better and healthier then I do now! Never in a million years did I think I will go vegan. My … Continue reading 1 Year of going Plant-Base!

How does Social Media Play a Part in Your Life?

In my last post we briefly discussed about what is social media. At the of the end of the article I left you with a question, “How many hours do you spend on social media?” For some they might spend only 30-45 mins out of my day. Others, a few hours a day and some will admit they are addicted, eyes glued to their phone. … Continue reading How does Social Media Play a Part in Your Life?

New Home, New Rules

Today’s the day! You’re packed and ready to go, your excited and nervous but ready to take on what the next chapter of life has in store for you. You say bye to your neighbors you befriended, you say your goodbyes to your favorite local retail/grocery store staff member you got close too, now you are on your way to a new place. Moving can … Continue reading New Home, New Rules