Trying Something New for You!

Hello my lovely readers! This week has been a tough week for me, mentally but I always turn to what I love doing, blogging! I figured out something that will help me stay on track and keep you lovely readers up to date about the latest articles. My work schedule is starting to pick up so that means more time at work and less time at home but today I want to introduce you all to something I created titled “The Blog Calendar!”

Blog Calendar created by Everything’s Otay!

This calendar will be located on my “Upcoming Page.” This page is to inform you all on the latest projects, events, topics, new releases and more! I will update the calendar every time I release an article. Once the article is released the title of the article will replace “title” on the calendar. Go check it out NOW! I hope this helps you lovely readers to stay tuned with the next article release date and has you looking forward to the next. Thank you all for being so patient with me and thank you all for being part of Everything’s Otay! I have another article release soon so stay tuned and remember, it’s mental health awareness month! Let’s spread awareness 💚.

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