When Our Lives Changed, Unexpectedly (Part 1)

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was January 18, 2018. It was a dark morning, about 4:30AM. I couldn’t sleep so I laid in bed with a million thoughts racing through my head. I decided I didn’t want to waste my time. So, I turn on my tablet and started watching the NFL highlights of the week (I wanted to be a sportscaster back then). I studied the players on the field, the numbers on their jerseys and the many field goals and touchdowns they made during the games. As 5am rolled around I decided it’s best if I get dolled up for the day because I had no sleep that night and I felt it could help me get through my day. I go to the bathroom, turn the curling iron on and got my makeup prepared. Right when I was about to curl my hair I heard a bang on the door. In my mind I thought it was my brother, so I ignored it and proceeded like I didn’t hear it. I get a second bang on the door and I hear a voice, it’s my little sister. I didn’t hear what she said, seconds later she bangs on the door and shouts at me, when I heard the news I leaped out of the bathroom, ran outside and flipped out. My brother told me to calm down. I ran back inside, changed out of my PJs to appropriate attire for the day and went back outside. My little brother was on the phone with the police, explaining to them what had happened. Neighbors were out looking at the scene. This kind neighbor stepped in and performed CPR while the ambulance were on their way. Once they got to the scene they took over. They mentioned there was no pulse. As they proceeded I heard one of the paramedics say “we have a pulse” and a few seconds later he shouts “we lost it.” I remember I was nervous, looked around to see all the people that surrounded us while we waited to know what the next hours of our lives would look like. I looked at my siblings to see how they were doing. I looked at my 2 brothers, they watched intently at what was taking place. My sister, being hugged by her friend with tears in her eyes looking at the paramedics performing CPR at the only guidance she had in her life. I heard one of the paramedics say “we have a pulse” as they rushed to the ambulance to keep the pulse going before they lost it again, a paramedic walked up to us and asked who is the oldest one, I walked up and chatted about information, then he told me “only one of you could ride in the ambulance… or you can stay together and meet us at the emergency room at this hospital.” I looked at my brother and my younger siblings, we all agreed to stick together as a family because we knew that’s what my dad had wanted. We got the address, ran inside, got what we need and quickly drove to the hospital.

Thank goodness the hospital was down the street! We found parking and ran to the emergency room where we checked in. I don’t think any of us ran that fast in our lives. It was around 6-6:30AM in the morning. Time was going by so slow, we knew times wasn’t on our side. We got irritated but didn’t show it. Somehow we managed to stay calm during that long wait in the waiting room where it was silent but busy at the same time. That scene kept replaying in my head. You can see the pain in our eyes and the heaviness on our shoulders while we wait to hear what would happen next. Business hours were approaching and my siblings and I had to enter work or school. My brother mentioned that we have to stick together as a family during this event. We all agreed and I decided to ring my jobs and let them know what’s going on and requested for a day off. Thank God they were super understanding and allowed me to take the day off. Finally we were called in, nervousness approached me and my heart started racing fast, I was terrified to know what was next. Did that day come this soon?

This event in our lives felt like forever. The stress, the pain, and the hope through this moment was a lot to handle. A lot of important and small details to explain in the upcoming part(s) of our story so stick around for part 2. It’s been 2 years since this took place and has been extremely difficult to talk about in person. So, I want to share this here with you. Keep close to the ones you love and thank you for reading ❤️.

Photo taken in January 18, 2018 at Providence Holy Cross Hospital. (Left) My little brother, (Middle) My brother, and (Right) My little sister.

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